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John Richardson

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John Richardson

People First

Doing the Right Thing

Being Courageous

Fun and Laughter


"From the moment I read the Harcourts values, I knew I had discovered the agency for me, and the very best team to support my clients." John Richardson Sales Consultant.


John and his family have been residents of the Gold Coast since 1998, therefore John possesses a deep knowledge of the local suburbs, the various school communities and tertiary education institutions, numerous sporting clubs and all the major shopping precincts.


Additionally, John has achieved a successful sales and management career, now spanning more than 30 years.  He can quickly realise what it is that buyers and sellers are looking for, ensuring he drives successful outcomes for both.


John has very strong values, operating with honesty and integrity, always doing the right thing, he remains disciplined in best practice, is solutions focussed and at times courageous, effectively going above and beyond for his clients.  He gets the job done, efficiently and effectively, time after time.


In an ever changing real estate landscape, John recognises the importance of training, enabling his clients access to the very latest real estate marketing and sales initiatives.  There are numerous ways to market your property,  so please be sure to ask "how?", guaranteeing you make the most informed decision when next selling your home or investment property.


Best of all for John and his clients, it’s about having fun and doing it with laughter. It stems from his genuine love and passion from a lifetime of work in sales. He’s always smiling as he pleasantly goes about his day.